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Looking for a gay community without the porn? Without the constant topic of sex, sex and more sex? If so then welcome to the community! I was tired of the usual gay communities and wanted a place where I could meet like-minded gay guys who have a little more substance to them besides the usual "I-want-to-sleep-with-every-hot-guy-on-the-planet" attitude.

If you want to join this community then answer the following:

1.) Do you believe in monogamy?
2.) Do you believe in true love?
3.) Do you believe in marriage or some sort of commitment ceremony?
4) Do you wait and get to know someone and wait until it "feels right" before getting into any form of sexual contact with that person? (At least longer than 2 dates...)

If you've answered yes to these questions, then go ahead and join! Post romantic pictures, talk about movies, music, dreams of the future or whatever's on your mind. If anything, this will be a place to make a few new friends. Enjoy!