Mike (fan_damn_tastic) wrote in gayromantics,

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Just a question...

I got stood up today. It seems I'm always getting stood up by idiot men.

I don't get it. I'm nice, I'm told I'm funny, I'm reasonably attractive (I'm told)....why is it that guys only want to have sex and then leave? And why is it that some of them never even bother to meet you at all??

I get so tired of not having someone to cuddle with, someone to be with. I'm a very romantic person, and that SUCKS, because nobody else I meet ever is. Or, they SAY they are and it turns out they're lying. Lately, the prospects seem so grim, and it's making me lose hope. That's why I'm glad this community exists, even though I never see anyone post in it. Which leads me to my question....

Doesn't anybody ever DATE anymore? And if they do, WHERE ARE THEY???
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