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So I'm 24, rapidly approaching 25, and I've never had a boyfriend. As a hopeless romantic, it bothers me because I want someone to love. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to meet guys. Online venues aren't conducive unless you're looking for something that I'm not. I'm way too shy for the bars, plus I always had the deer-in-the-headlight look there. And there aren't that many (if any) social groups here. I'm saving money to move away from here (Kentucky), but in the meantime, I'm sick of being single. Plus, I'm worried that I'll meet guys who will think "You're 24 and have never been in a relationship? Is there something wrong with you?" Will my lack of relationship and dating experience (I haven't even dated that much, my last date being two years ago) hurt me in finding someone?

I know it's supposed to happen when you least expect it, but I'm NOT expecting it. It'd just be nice to finally fall in love and find the man of my dreams.
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