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And for this I give thanks, if nothing else...

As my fingers mapped
The topography of your body
I imagined a lifetime
Traversing these lands
With you

I imagined a lifetime
In admiration of
These hills
These valleys, cliffs,
And plateaus.

I imagined a lifetime
Of living within
These lands

I imagined a lifetime
Resting my war torn heart
And head at the nape
Of your neck and
the small of
your back.

I imagined a lifetime
Held in the soft gaze
Of your sun and
Of your moon.

I imagined a lifetime
Breathing in
Your scent and
Breathing in
Your breath
And knowing
That I am home
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I liked the imagery posed here via the body and geographical contours.

I sense a huge 'but' here however (and not the body part.)

Is there more to this story? A sad one, I suspect.

Thanks for at least sharing. Love sure is difficult...
Thank you :)

The truth is, I'm not sure how it ends yet.

I'm seeing him again tonight.

*wicked smiles*
Excellent. Please keep us updated. O:)
Ahh keep an eye on my journal I'm sure you'll catch me gushing or whining about it ;)