the curious boy from China is finding some online friends

I'm a chinese.I'm so curious about the foreigners'world,especialy the people like me.One of my friend found a bf from Malaysia,which is amazing.How can they deal with the difficulties in language and culture differences.Definitely,there will be a chance I can fly to other country like UK and France.
I really want to make a friend with you.
A sincere boy is waiting for you contact. Skype ID:Aiden Lee Bag. Good night,Everybody.

New here

I'm new to the community; I just thought I would say a brief hello and pose a question. What is your idea of a perfect first date/romantic evening? Where would you and your beloved go? What would you do together? If time, money, responsibilities and obligations were not a factor, what would your ideal date be like?
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thoughts on craigslist

as of late i've been looking through posts on craigslist in the misc. romance section. a few peek my interests, but it seems rather unfulfilling. you don't seem to get straight answers from the guys on there or they are just as picky as the ads for anonymous sex. i've posted my own ad once, but got nothing but guys who just wanted to screw around with a guy who wasn't as slutty.

to think, i'm in san francisco, too.

i'm a rather private person, and don't deal well approaching someone interesting or someone i'm attracted to on the streets, in the public. it just seems like i fear the person is not gay or bi and may be upset or angry by the compliment/gesture. plus it spotlights me....

what's a guy like me to do?
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Just a question...

I got stood up today. It seems I'm always getting stood up by idiot men.

I don't get it. I'm nice, I'm told I'm funny, I'm reasonably attractive (I'm told)....why is it that guys only want to have sex and then leave? And why is it that some of them never even bother to meet you at all??

I get so tired of not having someone to cuddle with, someone to be with. I'm a very romantic person, and that SUCKS, because nobody else I meet ever is. Or, they SAY they are and it turns out they're lying. Lately, the prospects seem so grim, and it's making me lose hope. That's why I'm glad this community exists, even though I never see anyone post in it. Which leads me to my question....

Doesn't anybody ever DATE anymore? And if they do, WHERE ARE THEY???
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(no subject)

So I'm 24, rapidly approaching 25, and I've never had a boyfriend. As a hopeless romantic, it bothers me because I want someone to love. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to meet guys. Online venues aren't conducive unless you're looking for something that I'm not. I'm way too shy for the bars, plus I always had the deer-in-the-headlight look there. And there aren't that many (if any) social groups here. I'm saving money to move away from here (Kentucky), but in the meantime, I'm sick of being single. Plus, I'm worried that I'll meet guys who will think "You're 24 and have never been in a relationship? Is there something wrong with you?" Will my lack of relationship and dating experience (I haven't even dated that much, my last date being two years ago) hurt me in finding someone?

I know it's supposed to happen when you least expect it, but I'm NOT expecting it. It'd just be nice to finally fall in love and find the man of my dreams.
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