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just wondering. . .

with all of us here being self-described romantics, I'm wondering how much importance you guys put on a guy's physical looks?

also! I'm new here. =) the name's Andrew.
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Looks, to me, aren't really that big a deal. I find myself attracted to many MANY different types of guys, from muscle heads to men who are hundreds of pounds. I suppose my "type" is someone in between there, I guess.

The point is, I'm much more into a guy's personality and if they can make me laugh than I am into what they look like.

Although, I have to say...a nice ass does help. Hey, I'm only human. :)
haha I definitely must agree with you. give me an intellectual guy who weighs three hundred pounds over a hot airhead any day. but I also agree that a nice round ass never hurt anyone. . . =D
Absolutely. :)
Looks rank low down on my list, but I would be lying if I were to say they weren't important. I am attracted to all types of guys, geeks, jocks, plain, etc..., but personality factors such as intelligence, maturity, and common interests are all more important.

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The pretties are nice to look at, but you really can't do anything with them. =P
Except look... just don't talk! =)
1. I love your icon
2. Your icon goes so well with what you said XD In an...ironic sort of way.
I'm a newbie..just joined today.

I used to need an attraction with some sort of pretty boy. And I thought that drop dead gorgeous guys were the way to go. Pretty 1st, and everything else followed right?

Until I met someone who defied all of that. He's beautiful and cute and super intelligent. No he's not the standard gay pretty boy, but he takes care of my heart better than anyone else could.

And I joined because I do want to marry him. And he's good looking enough for me to want to wake up with him daily for as long as I can.
wow, old post! kudos. =)

and that is the most beautiful things i've ever heard. you two are incredibly lucky to have found each other, and i hope you two have an amazing and happy life together! i only hope i can find love like THAT someday.
Thanks. And you will. It's a long ass road full of creeps, liars, games, players..and the list goes on. I just gave someone different a chance and it was a great risk.
They've never been the most important thing, but they've never not mattered at all. Looks aren't what I look for primarily, but I do find that there has to be even just a little bit of a physical attraction that could grow while getting to know someone. So I suppose you could call them a secondary (or even tertiary) importance, behind (for me at least) personality and intellect.