Peter (enchantingwind) wrote in gayromantics,

The Edge Radio Show needs your help (FairFax Cable Access radio show)

The Edge Radio Show needs your help. Chad is a 23 year old college student who does this non-profit radio show for the benefit of the gay give them a way to make their voices heard.

The costs of putting on a show that reaches over 20,000 listeners now are mounting and He can no longer afford to pay for it out of my own pocket.

He is extreamly disapointed in local gay businesses who will not donate to our cause (even though they are offered a tax write off AND advertising on the air and on our website).

Since no one has responded to our repeated calls for financial help, we are at risk of having to go off of the air. I am asking for your help. No donation is too small. ALL donations are 100% tax deductable (401 C 3 non-profit status).

PLEASE help keep us on the me to find out how you can help
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